How to setup development VM LAMP Stack – pre-steps

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With a development LAMP stack I find it easier to have all my development sites on a single share and structured as one directory per site, I then configure phpstorm to use a single address with the directory of that site.
Here is an example.


I then remove any files under the /var/www/html mount the the nfs share from my QNAP storage make some quick tests to make sure its working as expected.

# mount 192.168.x.x:Qweb /var/www/html

Once its all working I then make it permenant entry in my fstab.

# /etc/fstab

192.168.x.x:/Qweb /var/www/html  nfs rw,hard,nolock,intr  0  0

Thats pretty much it, now I just follow a LAMP install that I find online. My current iteration I used this guide.

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