Deep Dive into Peter’s Soul

I have been in the IT industry just before the internet became fashionable and held roles that would make a sane person run for cover.

My main role in IT is a firefighter, yep that’s right I put out fires and implement prevention strategies. I know pretty exciting stuff!

Well, it is sometimes, a lot of the people and companies have benefited. I come in and put out the fire, clean up the burnt bits, see what survived, then rebuild it better, stronger, faster then it was before.. ok that’s a cheesy reference but it’s true, we have the technology and I have the knowledge to make it happen.


Web Front End

With these skills, you give me a pretty picture of how you want your page/site to look and then I make it happen by tapping away like a crazy 40’s typing pool.

Geek Skills

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • API Intergration


These are the skills needed to make your wonderful website live on a server and perform magic tricks oh and sell products and keep track of your customers, update your pages and all the things you expect from administrating your site.

Geek Skills

  • PHP 5.x->7.x
  • Python
  • Bash Scripting
  • Apache Configuration



These are online packaged software that all you to quickly put up a website and have it operational and selling your custom jewellery or that awesome video blogging site for your cats!

These are complex pieces of software that require a lot of knowledge to make them perform well and do exactly what you want, that’s why I only focus on the most popular ones.


This actually covers networking, platforms and storage I have worked with so many different types that if talked about it, you will probably start to go into a coma, let’s just say that EVERYTHING runs on infrastructure, you can’t have the internet, your laptop or even that Point of Sale terminal without it.

Oh, what I just spoke about is infrastructure, except for the internet which is actually infrastructure ⇒ awesome software ⇒ people ⇒ Facebook likes ⇒ become famous ⇒ Buy an island ⇒ Rule the world.



While this is actually back end stuff, I split it out because it requires a different set of skills that sometimes is needed by people.

If your eyes just glazed over, sorry.

Geek Skills

  • Microsoft SQL
  • My SQL
  • PostgreSQL

Cloud Technologies

Everything is in the cloud! You say, well it isn’t really its on someone else’s equipment and they make a pretty interface for you to use, because I am an infrastructure specialist this cloud stuff for me is second nature.

Geek Skills

  • VMWare
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsfot Azure

Cloud Technologies
Get in contact with me and lets make wonderful web stuff together!

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