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Finished up with the API section of The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0. While I have worked with API’s before it was a good refresher to look at two common API’s Google and Twitter, I was pleased that I could write the code without having to look at the way Rob did it.

I now have enough knowledge to be able to interface with API’s regardless of the service.

These are the topics covered by Rob with links to my mini working projects:

  1. Introduction To APIs Section
  2. What Is An API?
  3. What’s The Weather App
  4. The Google Maps API
  5. Geocoding With Google Maps
  6. Mini Challenge – Postcode Finder App
  7. The Twitter API
  8. Challenge – Build A Twitter Client App

I have always loved being able to interact with larger and more complex systems and being introduced to API’s has given me more inspiration to build clean interactive sites.

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