• Website Development
    You’re thinking isn’t it the same thing as design? Well no it isn’t, development is what makes those designs pop for your clients. Such as “Oh I want that thingy where you press the menu and it slides from the left!” this is done by a developer and thats what you get when you have an idea for a web site, you know how you want it to look, you designed it in powerpoint but now you want to make it into a real web site. This is what you get when engage me, I can take that slide deck you created and turn it into a fully operational web site.
    Website Design
    Since I have been around web site’s since 1995, I have seen really good designs that have worked for clients. You get all of that and more, I can design something that will work visually for your solution.
  • Infrastructure Architecutre
    If you want to have an application that you want to run but aren’t sure if it should be in the cloud or it needs to be on site or how you make it all connect with the correct safety and security required for todays demanding web environment.
    Server Administration
    Had the person who setup your website or application server just disapear into the ether? Well I can help you get control back and manage the server(s) that need attention. With over 2 decades of System Administration you’re getting a dedicated and solution driven person who will help you get control back.
How do I stack up
  • Website Development
    Website Design
  • Infrastructure Architecutre
    Server Administration
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    Peter Tsiampas

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    Peter is a Web/IT specialist, he has 20 years of professional IT skills, several years experience in Programming Technologies and IT Design, and a previous background in System Administration and running an Internet Service Provider. Petr is well experienced with WordPress, web and backend server standards, and how to apply it all to internet technologies.

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