VM Setup to also relay through Gmail

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Had a great time getting in touch with PHP again through the course. Rob is just going through the basics as he has too, but as always I am loving the refresher and I am hoping to get some simplified techniques through this course.

He Covered

  • What PHP is
  • How to perform the basics of any programming language, Variable, Array’s, Flow statments and Loops.
  • How to get information from post and get’s
  • How to send a basic email.

I got to the email section and realised that my poor worn out QNAP with it’s PHP5 and other bits was just not upto the task, so being who I am, I decided to create a VM with the latest LAMP stack and mount my Share directory from the QNAP to the VM that way I could configure the system to send mail through my gmail account and of course setup the reset of my security fetures.

Bellow is my standard VM creation:

Thats pretty much how I setup a new machine, I know I could probably automate it but meh I like having to type commands in that way it stays in my head a little longer and I also don’t have to do resarch again.

Special note, I don’t use sudo on my development VM boxes as no-one else will use them and I have been using *nix systems for a long time and don’t spend time under root unless I have to do a system wide command like the above.

So now I am ready to do a standard LAMP install, I tend to simply do a google search on LAMP install and pick a new one everytime because I love the see how others do it and I might gain new or improved ways of installing the stack.

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